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Need temporary protection against incidental barrel spills? Drums-Up™ and Drums-Up Jr.™ let you control nuisance spills from drums sized up to 55-gallons. A 20-gallon spill capacity catches liquid before it reaches your floor and reduces the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Includes a newly enhanced convenient pour spout and built-in bung fitting holder.

Perfect for use as a drum pumping station!
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Internal Top Diameter

External Top Diameter

Internal Bottom Diameter

External Bottom Diameter

8091-YE N/A Drums-Up™ Containment System N/A 30.5 in77 cm N/A 37.5 in95 cm N/A 26.25 in67 cm N/A 28.5 in72 cm
8200-YE N/A Drums-Up Jr.™ Containment System N/A 18.5 in47 cm N/A 22.75 in58 cm N/A 15.5 in39 cm N/A 17.25 in44 cm
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