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Improves labor efficiency, speed the filling and discharge process, provides a wide range of top and bottom configurations for unique applications and uses. Eliminates the need to handle and dispose of inflexible or unwieldy Gaylord boxes, barrels, drum or other rigid packaging.

Can be reused or reconditioned, depending on the application, to increase the return on investment in the bag. It represents one of the least expensive means of packaging and transporting bulk materials. Reconditioned bulk bags are carbon reducing since polypropylene fabric is primarily made from oil and natural gas so in reusing bulk bags the demand for these fuels are reduced. Saves storage space since they are collapsible and easy to handle.

Protects product and ensures safe storage and shipping. It provides better closure and security than corrugated or other rigid containers. Poly fabric is UV resistant and bags can be seem-proof. Forklift handles provide for easy lifting and movement of 1000-4000# loads. Customizable in size and configurations.
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