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  • Drum Spillpal™ Pallets

    The most affordable, and convenient temporary storage

    The flexible-sidewall Spillpal™ line is the easiest to use and the most affordable hazardous material storage product on the market today. Spillpal™ provides incidental spill control during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, tanks, and generators. It can also be used as a washdown pad or pumping station. A great alternative to hard plastic pallets, the ENPAC® Spillpal™ features foam sidewalls that easily spring back into place after any type of pressure is applied. With 6 configurations and custom sizes available, Spillpal™ is perfect for any job.

  • Grates

    New replacement grates are available for when contamination occurs. Call ENPAC® customer service for details.

  • Drip Dam™ Leak Diverters

    Divert the drips

    Get instant drip diversion with the new Drip Dam™ leak diverter. Available in various and custom sizes, this funnel-style fast response tool will channel away liquids minimizing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and contamination. A flow rate of over three (3) gallons per minute and a convenient hose connector with cap make containing and redirecting drips, drops, and leaks a breeze!

  • Poly-Spillpads™

    Keep the floor clean with Poly-Spillpad™! Handles spent batteries, 5-gallon pails, 16-gallon drums, and the messiest of "smaller" jobs. Sturdy inner polyethylene grate provides protection while vinyl berm keeps incidental spills contained. Poly-Spillpad™ is lightweight and easily moved. Great on your plant floors or to prevent incidental spills on the go! The large sump area allows for an extended response time.

    • Removable 100% polyethylene grate allows easy access to the sump.

  • Stinger Yellow Jacket™ Pallets

    Stop storing truck, automobile, and batteries on the ground or wooden pallets. Carry this lightweight, portable pallet anywhere and prevent spills from occurring. Made of industrial vinyl-coated polyester, it is chemical-resistant and stands up to corrosive battery acid. It is also a great addition to any spill kit! Optional polyethylene grates remove for easy access to the sump. Stinger Yellow Jacket™ folds for compact storage and transport. Unique snap-up support stays create a sturdy sidewall when unit is opened. Excellent for decontamination applications! (Cold rated to -55 ºF/-48 ºC.)

  • Standard Dripillow Berms™

    Have an outdoor leak or spill? Dripillow Berm™ is now available in (2) variations and (12) sizes to capture all outdoor leaks and drips. Designed for utilization as a durable, portable drip-pan, Dripillow is compatible with all fuels and hydrocarbons. Harsh weather conditions are no match with the stable weighted base preventing flips and splashes of your contained liquids. All units fold for easy carrying and eliminate nuisance drips under vehicles, hydraulic lines, or equipment.

    • No flipping or splashing
    • Folds for easy carrying
    • Refill pads available
    • Additional colors & sizes available by request

  • Duck Ponds™

    Our duck ponds are perfect for projects where storage space is limited. Small enough to fit in a cabinet or store on a shelf, a Duck Pond™ can hold various drum sizes with ease and affordability. Providing both reliable and reusable secondary containment for oils, fluids, and gasoline; ponds are easy to maneuver and can withstand extreme cold temperatures to -55 ºF/-48 ºC.

    The uses are endless! For quick response to leaking machines, preventative maintenance, and emergency drips, ponds are the perfect quick-grab item that are rugged and ideal for small areas for rapid deployment.

    Duck Ponds are available in various sizes, contain a 4" low-profile sidewall, and are leak tested with an unbeatable ENPAC® warranty.

  • Folding Duck Ponds™

    Made with the same durable, quality as the standard Duck Pond™, the new Folding Duck Ponds™ feature a thinner, 2" sidewall width with a safety-secure strap for easy folding and compact storage to create ample travel space.

    The extended 6" sidewall height allows for up to 30 % more spill capacity and 100 % peace of mind.

    Conveniently folds saving shipping and storage space!

    ENPAC® American made!

  • Drip Sentinel™ Maintenance Blanket™

    The ENPAC® Maintenance Blanket™ is designed to be used under vehicles or leaking equipment. The sorbent blanket is made of non-woven geo-textile that is backed by a layer of fuel/chemical resistant polyethylene. The blanket provides a protective sorbent pad between the maintenance item and placement area. The fabric backing provides an extra barrier that (unless punctured) stops any hydrocarbon from getting to ground. The blanket can be rolled or folded into a compact lightweight unit. It is an inexpensive alternative to heavier, more costly fabric mats.

  • Prowler Pools™

    The easiest, lightest spill containment pool available.

    Prowler Pop-up Pools™ offer excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, fuels, and other hazardous materials. They are also resistant to abrasions, punctures, UV Rays, and cold temperatures as low as -60 ºF. The Prowler is half the weight of comparably sized pools while offering twice the strength. Fits easily into spill response kits.

    Lightweight, compact and portability makes the Prowler Pool™ excellent for immediate spill response.